294 Jenkins Road Tyrone, GA 30290     Tel: 770-969-7346
First Christian Church Tyrone
We are First Christian Church of Tyrone, Georgia,  and part of a movement of churches seeking Christian unity by means of New Testament truth, believing this to be God’s designated means to reaching the world for Jesus Christ. This movement of churches is referred to as the Restoration Movement, as we attempt to restore to the church unity in truth, thereby restoring to the church God’s purpose and plan for proclaiming Jesus Christ to the world. We do not wish to form another denomination, division, or sect of the church; rather, we call for all believers to set aside denominational ties and seek devotion solely to Jesus Christ and His church as set forth in the New Testament. We choose to wear only the name “Christian,” finding no authority in any man- made creed, document, or statement; rather we hold uncompromisingly to the truths of Scripture as our only authority for faith and practice; speaking boldly where Scriptures speak, and allowing liberty where the Scriptures are silent. Presently we follow a traditional style of worship, using a piano and organ music.
                  Normal Schedule   On Sunday:                   9:00am … Coffee Mingle                   9:30am … Sunday School                 10:30am … Worship in Church   On Wednesday: (But Not In Month of July)                   5:30pm … Meal                   6:30pm … Prayer & Bible Study                   Choir Practice Follows            
God commands us to meet together as the church with our purpose being to worship God and encourage one another. Hebrews 10:20 (NIV) Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage each other.
Rev. 06-11-2018
Enjoy A Traditional Worship Experience That Includes...
Friendly Caring Folks, Comfortable Seating,
Beautiful Music,
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